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British Designer and Artist, Robert Hills

About the Proprietor and Designer, Robert Hills.

His career in Advertising Design started back in the early 70's after graduating from the London College of Printing. His first role was as a Junior Typographer working for a London studio where, after two years of tmu's layouts and 10x2 col ads, he rose to the dizzy heights of Senior Typographer and more tmu's, layouts and 15x3 column ads some of which even appeared in National Press!!!
Messing with type was fun. Interpreting rough layouts from lazy Ad House Creative Directors? Not so much! He soon realised that creating the ad, the branding, the brochure, the campaign and everything in between was much more fun. So yes, he joined the ranks of the lazy Creatives. At least able to layout and markup the odd complex piece of tyopgraphy.

There followed over 3 decades of ad agencies, design studios, clients and consultancies. His talents honed, stretched and developed he is where he is now. The examples shown here and on the following pages will hopefully show why you and your organisation would benefit from his experience and creative flair

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