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Thank you for visiting my pages.

Living in the sunshine state of Florida has many advantages over the cold climate
of Northern Europe, as people that know me are sick of hearing. Apart from the hours of
endless sunshine, the perfect white sandy beaches and the bestest, freshest
seafood ever, there are the seemingly endless opportunities for car watching.
 That is, seeing fine and lovingly cared-for examples of cars of all makes,
nationalities and types.... muscle cars, exotic cars, sports and classic cars.

I am not referring to the humble family saloon, the hard working truck or SUV
but the type that, when you see them poodle past you, engine humming, purring or roaring,
or see it just parked-up you just want to stop, get out and hug it a little, drool over the days
long gone bye. You know... the ‘They don’t make them like that anymore ’ days. For me, this
was the trigger to my creativity that set me on the road to producing this project, a
collection of my personal favourites, cars that I had seen, cars that I have always had a
soft spot for and cars I have lusted after. It was only after the first half dozen
drawings that I realised the enormity of the task I had set out to achieve. There are so
many of them.... cars that is. Big ones, small, low, sleek, finessed and in your face ones.
I just love them and hope you do too.

My personal thanks I extend to those who have kindly allowed me to photograph their ‘car babies’,
either at shows, carparks or simply on the street... thank you. Finally, to those owners that
spend their time and gold on restoring and saving these old gems for future admirers, a huge
shout out. One owner had told me that after eleven years of restoration he was still looking
forward to many more hours tinkering, rubbing down and getting oily. Please keep it up.

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Classic Cars, Exotic Cars, Muscle Cars, Sports Cars