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Printing Notes

Having spent many dozens of hours on each finely detailed illustration, in attempt to do justice to the beauty of the cars, it would be wrong of me not to provide a high quality of print at the end of the process. Each print will be reproduced on a high quality high white paper using light fast inks giving an image rich in colour and longevity. We would always 

suggest not placing the artwork in direct sunlight (or any artwork for that matter).
The artwork is produce using a vector based  illustration programme giving the image a sharp, crisp outline as opposed to a typical screen 'toothed' effect. As such, the images can be produced for very large formats without degradation of quality. (see Big Car page).

Our images print with an acceptable area within the advertised paper size (eg. 12x18"). This gives the purchaser a minimum area of white around the border line surrounding the image for the framer to prepare his inner mount and final frame. If you are electing to print a CAR'ds Greeting Card yourself via our download service, we would suggest a good quality art gloss or art matt paper.

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At this time we are not providing a framing service. We feel that with so many framing options available it would be best left to the clients to choose from the framer of their choice. Also, sending glass mounted and framed prints through the mail is expensive and a risk of damage. The artist's own preference is for a thin, modern style either black, white or a color that reflects the paintwork features of the car itself.

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